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The Park 1

A woman’s face in a pile of leaves

a symbolic cut stump

I think of axes and men singing

not goggles


chainsaw buzz

I think of sailing and I am holding ropes

freezing, wet with salt, I combat nature with my bare body

not being coddled/enclosed by machines

machines have destroyed our best culture

a pigeon lands

on top of another


Two Berkeleys and Dreams that don’t age well

There are two Berkeleys, but as I don’t go to UC Berkeley, I can only be part of the other one. Berkeley is the place people go to cling to some desperate shallow simulacrum of their dreams and youth when they no longer have the strength to survive in the outside world or have amassed enough money to buy off the part of them that struggles for something better. Berkeley is a Great Compromise between growing up and facing yourself in the mirror. I pass adults with wrinkled faces, too much makeup, dreadlocks and pierces and hipster clothes. I pass people middle-aged or older with the coy, innocent expression of a 15-year-old at a protest, still young enough to think appearances can save the world.