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Children: better than television

Or: how to beat the Claw.

(note: link to BoingBoing video post)


Yay! I’m going to see Amanda Palmer

I’m going to see Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls) August 11th!  Hooray!

There are some excellent photos for the booklet of her upcoming solo cd on Neil Gaiman’s Blog (and hers and the photographer’s, Kyle Cassidy).  Mr. Gaiman is writing some short stories for the book.  Ben Folds is producing and playing a lot of instruments on the record!  In one of the latest videos, you can really hear the Ben Folds-ness in the music but it totally works for her dark cabaret intensity.  I almost had to stop the video at one point, it is that intense!

I’ll blog about ConnectiCon when my new scanner gets here…I tried to scan the awesome drawings I got (from Jeph Jacques, R. Stevens, and Meredith Gran), but apparently not using a scanner for a year and then spilling water on it is bad.  Or maybe it was the dropping it down some stairs that killed it.  It could be that.

the past week(s) (has/have) been revelatory…

1. I have figured out that I am lactose intolerant.  The cronic stomach problems and acid reflux that have plagued me the past few years only happen when I have dairy.  I’ve always wanted to go vegan, but have lacked the discipline (and now live in NYC where it’s really really hard to eat anything not fried in extra animal guts) except when I was in Berkeley, where I hope to live again someday.  My body is telling me, GO VEGAN!  Yes, body.

2. This is something I’ve had to realize over and over, but drawing is central to a healthy mental state for me.  I haven’t been drawing for the past year, and I’ve been really depressed and crazy.  I started drawing again this week, and the drawings aren’t very good, but it’s hella therapeutic.

Did I mention the crippling depression?

Frakes has the cure…

(via R.Stevens Blog)

Finally, a dating site for people like me…


I haven’t been updating for a variety of reasons, including depression, physical illness, and wicked insomnia that makes it hard to put coherent thoughts together.  If only I was able to make *use* of all that awake time, but alas, my brain, she is jelly.

Anders Loves Maria (occasionally naughty, but in a European “Life” way, not a gratuitous way) is an excellent webcomic.

Subway speed

I’m pretty sure everyone working at the Subway I went to for lunch was on speed.  They had the works: impatient manner, bulging eyes, rocking back and forth on their feet, clipped, interruptive speech…everything I remember from kids doing speed in high school and college.


I’ve been spending way too much time lately reading webcomics – I’m a sucker for narrative about subcultures I am/have been a part of, and media that is largely not determined by industry types that don’t love the medium.  Or something.

Here are some of my favorites; I easily found a Questionable Content banner, but the rest are just links.  Ole!

Questionable Content

xkcd, a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. (a favorite: …loves the Discovery Channel)

Diesel Sweeties

Dinosaur Comics


The Perry Bible Fellowship