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Ugandan Pride Link Roundup!

A Paper Bird goes in-depth:

Photos of the parade at The Advocate:,2

An article from Bisi Alimi, arguably the first openly gay man on TV in Nigeria:

76 Crimes on a police raid of one of the Parades:


The Terrible Truth: It’s Not All Going To End

The reason apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction is so popular? The dominant paradigm ending and our current systems failing is a far more pleasant thought to entertain for most people than the more horrible likelihood that it will all just keep going; that we in the present are ultimately, truly responsible for a future that absolutely will happen. The future will be better or worse because of what we did or didn’t do – and there will be a future. Human society will keep ramblin’ on.

Spinning off of where Laurie Penny leaves this article about the Sci-Fi of William Gibson.

Boycott Amazon and More Interesting Than The Olympics: Link Aggregation

Google “Free Pussy Riot” and “Mars Curiosity Rover” for things happening in the world that are more interesting than the Olympics.

I filled my amazon cart with books of political and culture writing from Laurie Penny and Nick Cohen, then kept the tab open and found the books for cheaper from actual brick and mortar bookstores on I kinda get off on books coming to me from California, Texas, and the UK. Indiebound is good too, although their UI for buying things is fucking awful. I then emptied my Amazon cart, because Amazon is terrible for everyone.

I’ve been telling people to stop using Amazon for a while now, but I don’t feel like I’ve done a great job of explaining why. I could do a lot of research, reflection, and interviews, but someone’s already done all that, so here:

The “Against Amazon” tumblr/link aggregator.

Best Summary: radical bookstore Housmans’ hits the most points in the smallest space.

The Nation article on why Amazon is bad for publishing.

From here, these links get hella nerdy. Here’s two for publishing industry nerds, or those who would like to be:

Interview with Author Scott Turow on Why Amazon is Bad for Books (on the Chicago Labor and Arts Festival Blog)

This publisher may put out insuferably new-agey-hippy books, but she does a great job of explaining how Amazon is bad for readers, bookshops, and how they are outright stealing money from publishers.

Here are two decent explanations of how Amazon Studios is terrible for writers and filmmakers: lays out how terrible it is for writers.

The Artful Writer blog lays it out too.

I’m interested in what people think. Comment!


Who’s the best music writer right now? Whose essay about a live concert would you go out of your way to read?

Perhaps adulthood is this.

And so perhaps adulthood is this: realizing all the limitations and pitfalls of your life are directly caused and controlled by you, yourself, arising from no external source or permanent roadblock but from your own inner workings. All the people and situations you have been blaming are not at fault; all your anger is distraction from the work of becoming happy.

Park 2

a man walking his dog

looks at me


the time of his passage

he is a young man, clearly preposterous wrinkles in his brow

when I say, “Hi,”

he passes with no acknowledgement

this place

we rub together on the subway

cricket’s music of sweat and jackets

people on the street are more lonely than where I’m from

we greet each other

with no bubbles to pop

there is no chance meeting in cars

we stay further apart in a room

but this is not your private space

The Park 1

A woman’s face in a pile of leaves

a symbolic cut stump

I think of axes and men singing

not goggles


chainsaw buzz

I think of sailing and I am holding ropes

freezing, wet with salt, I combat nature with my bare body

not being coddled/enclosed by machines

machines have destroyed our best culture

a pigeon lands

on top of another