Nature Adventure! at Pott’s Point, Maine

The friends I’m staying with live near Pott’s Point, in South Harpswell, Maine.  Pott’s Point is a beach, the tip of South Harpswell.  It’s made up of rock that looks like petrified wood, billions of shells, and whatever washes in with the tide.  I needed some exercise and wanted to go exploring, so I went on a nature adventure!


Pott's Point

It’s only a 10-15 minute walk from the house, so I’ve been there a few times.  Besides the peace and beauty out there, I realized you can also go again and again because the tide changes things around really drastically and it will be different every time.  It seemed to be a really different shape than the last few times I’ve been.

There were a lot of puddles, so I went to a part of the beach I hadn’t really been to and checked them out.  I found a baby crab with only one claw, flipped on its back, just a few feet away from a big puddle.

Ol One Claw

I thought it might be dead, but then it twitched.  I got some flat rocks, and put it on its belly.

The Crab

Then I put it in the puddle, but it didn’t move again.  I was apparently TOO LATE.

After trying to save the baby crab, I walked out as far as I could to the end of the Point and happened to be there when a tour boat was near.  There were more fishing and crab or lobster boats out than I’d seen before, too.  Here’s a shot towards the islands with the tour boat.

Rocks, Plants, Tourists, Island

Then a bee started hitting me in the head over and over!  Luckily he didn’t sting me.  He was all like, “Piss off, human!”  The two sides of Pott’s Point are separated by a wild area with trees and flowers, etc, and the bees were hard at work on those flowers.  I had got too close and interrupted their intimate moment.

When a bee hits you in the head, and you suddenly realize there are many more close by, the next thing you do will be the wrong thing, IE flailing.  I cut that out pretty quick, and just moved cautiously away.

Then I saw this little guy!

Look at this little do-er!  I bet he is a sea caterwauler.

The internet has not been forthcoming about what he might be, but my guess is that he is full of poison.

It must be lonely. Nobody hugs you a second time.


Then I saw some interesting rocks, so I came home with treasure!



The light isn’t great in the photo, they are way sparklier.  Now I’m home fantasizing about what bacterial infections I must have picked up by touching so much nature!


One response to “Nature Adventure! at Pott’s Point, Maine

  1. That, m’man, is a Wooly Bear. Pretty common where I grew up.

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