Strange Encounters of the Texas Kind

Happy New Year!  Do not fret, Faithful Reader; I have stared 2010 deep in the face and I can see nothing there but Better.

One of my family members likes to buy everyone a Fancy Brunch every holiday season, usually at one of those hotels where the Fancy Brunch is about $50 a head.  This time around, it was at the Denton Country Club.  I’ve never been to a country club before, but appropriately enough it was way out in the country.  Anyway, it wasn’t that different from any of the Fancy Brunches of yesteryear, really, aside from one strange occurrence.

I was at the omelet station behind a guy in his 60s or 70s who was dressed in the same getup as most of the folks there (button-down shirt, sweater, blazer, etc).  He orders his omelet, then turns to me and says, “That’s a pretty shirt!”

“Thanks, I appreciate it,” I answered with a smile.

He paused a beat, than said, “You’re obviously rich.”  He said it fairly deadpan, with a small (potentially sheepish) grin.

We didn’t talk again, and I didn’t know how sincerely to interpret his statement.  I see three options:

1. The shirt/my outfit looked expensive/designer to him. (It’s a nice shirt, but I got it from Target for under $20).

2. The shirt/my outfit looked cheap to him. (It’s not likely something like that would be mentioned, as this was indeed polite society).

3. My manner seemed strange to him, like a rich person who has lost touch.

Anyway, in honor of People Being Weird, I’m watching the “Twin Peaks” marathon on the Chiller Network today while I apply for jobs in NYC on the internets.  I forgot just how odd Cooper was.  I’m sure all my cover letters today will mention the best pie in the Tri-County Area and a damn fine cup of coffee.

(“In addition to the accomplishments above, the Log Lady says I’m a perfect fit for this position.”)


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