Things that don’t work.

Well, THAT was a failure.  I talked my website up to tons of people, then ComicPress shat all over my site at 2 AM on launch day.  While I get that sorted, I may post here occasionally, like this.

This is a fucking disgrace.  The *students*, who are *minors*, face charges, while the school and teachers, who they were in the care of, aren’t even questioned?  The goddamn ADULTS in the situation should be punished.  Of course 13-year-olds are going to have sex if left unattended!  Ok, maybe that’s extreme, but punishing the kids seems stupid and will just make them hate hypocritical adults even more – leading them to act out more.

Heh, then I realize the date is 2007.  Damn you, Warren Ellis! (I found the link on his blog.)  I wonder what happened to these kids.


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