It has been decided: EZPZ is my master now

I’m going with UK-based web host EZPZ to host my comics and, eventually, this blog.  They are new, but have excellent reviews and great user features/forums/etc on their site.  In addition, they invest in more carbon credits than they need, so they’re carbon negative!  Awesome.  Gotta love the Brits sometimes.


3 responses to “It has been decided: EZPZ is my master now

  1. I have to ask – found your site through a google search for mandolin and practice and something like that…are you still playing? I started a few weeks ago and I love it.

  2. Due to a wrist injury in 2002, I can’t consistently do the right wrist movement for the mandolin (the “choppa-choppa-choppa” that much of it requires). So sadly, I gave it up. I pull out the ukulele occasionally, and write lyrics for songs, but that’s the extent of my music involvement now.

  3. I’m also with EZPZ (switched from mediatemple), thumbs up so far. Very good support and my sites seem to load faster. Little bit of downtime (not long) but dealt with very well.

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