So next month I hope to launch a website where I’ll post fiction under a creative commons license.  One story a month, installments twice a week, sometimes comics, sometimes prose.  I’m taking part of next week off of work to sit down and evaluate how I want to run it – should I just map the site to this blog, and post the fiction and comics here?  That rules out having the tasteful ads (via Project Wonderful) that I’d like to have to earn a little money.  How much CSS and other coding would I need to learn to run WordPress from my own hosted server?  I can’t figure it out with a cursory search, so that’s what I’ll be spending a few days figuring out.  If anyone has any advice, let me know.

In addition, if you are an editor looking for new voices in fiction, I’d be interested to know what you think of this approach to getting my words out there.  I have several short stories either finished or nearly there.


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