Emotion, ephemera, totemic power, and the allure of the new…

Looking at my cds and my iTunes, I realized I had all these cds and mp3s from tangential interests and new-and-interesting-band-fads – but not many cds that are the most important to me.  For some time I have been missing the core records of my emotional history and landscape, the cds lost in a move, sold when desperate, or gone when a hard drive failed.  I decided to recify this somewhat before carrying out my other plans for the day, and I sold a good bit of cds that I didn’t need and bought a few gems that already have me feeling better than any music has in awhile.  Currently: jamming to early Cure.

This has led me on a long line of thought about how living in the veritable cultural backwash of Dallas suburbs and shitty radio (they are somewhat better now…OK, not really) and having friends that were in their 20’s and knew what bands influenced the watered down version of ‘music’ on the radio set up this kind of “There’s always a gem out there,” mindset for me with regards to used cd shops.  I would often randomly discover something great that people in other parts of the country were into but was virtually unknown in my place among people my age.  I think this has ended up with me not valuing enough the bedrock of music and cultural influences that influenced me at crucial times in my life.

It’s ok to like what you like, what other people think be damned.  That can’t be said enough.  Be what you love, surround yourself with things you find beautiful and rewarding regardless of how others see those things, and people you have real things in common with will find you.  People are social creatures, but this often causes us to second-guess ourselves and not express who we really are, in hopes of inventing commonality with others.  This leads to not being able to connect with anyone in a real way.  Be yourself, and the people you can connect with will find you.

But everywhere and in every scene, beware of assholes.  ;)


One response to “Emotion, ephemera, totemic power, and the allure of the new…

  1. Wow, this post ended up very different than I thought it would be. It’s much more off-the-cuff than I usually write here. Hope there’s something useful to someone there.

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