Rory Hayes book release party/panel

I went to Desert Island‘s Rory Hayes book release and party tonight for Where the Demented WentedBill Griffith (Zippy the Pinhead creator!) and Geoffrey Hayes (Rory’s brother and children’s book maker) spoke, and Dan Nadel moderated.  Kim Deitch was supposed to be on the panel, but didn’t show up (or was late and I didn’t see him.)  It was interesting, and good to hear a little first-person history of the San Francisco comix scene from the 70s.  There were hints of the gritty realities of the time, like how after a certain point they had to supply Rory with speed to get pages out of him, even though they could see the toll it was taking (this is obviously a paraphrasing out of context and shouldn’t be), and how a specific collector (I forget the name, but Nadel had been through this person’s archives) kept the SF underground scene funded almost single-handedly.

It was a neat event, but I didn’t know anyone really, and I got all bashful and went home (well, I went to the 24 hr organic grocery store first)

EDIT: I forgot to mention, Paul Giamati showed up for awhile!  I was like, 4 feet away.


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