Yay! I’m going to see Amanda Palmer

I’m going to see Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls) August 11th!  Hooray!

There are some excellent photos for the booklet of her upcoming solo cd on Neil Gaiman’s Blog (and hers and the photographer’s, Kyle Cassidy).  Mr. Gaiman is writing some short stories for the book.  Ben Folds is producing and playing a lot of instruments on the record!  In one of the latest videos, you can really hear the Ben Folds-ness in the music but it totally works for her dark cabaret intensity.  I almost had to stop the video at one point, it is that intense!

I’ll blog about ConnectiCon when my new scanner gets here…I tried to scan the awesome drawings I got (from Jeph Jacques, R. Stevens, and Meredith Gran), but apparently not using a scanner for a year and then spilling water on it is bad.  Or maybe it was the dropping it down some stairs that killed it.  It could be that.


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