the past week(s) (has/have) been revelatory…

1. I have figured out that I am lactose intolerant.  The cronic stomach problems and acid reflux that have plagued me the past few years only happen when I have dairy.  I’ve always wanted to go vegan, but have lacked the discipline (and now live in NYC where it’s really really hard to eat anything not fried in extra animal guts) except when I was in Berkeley, where I hope to live again someday.  My body is telling me, GO VEGAN!  Yes, body.

2. This is something I’ve had to realize over and over, but drawing is central to a healthy mental state for me.  I haven’t been drawing for the past year, and I’ve been really depressed and crazy.  I started drawing again this week, and the drawings aren’t very good, but it’s hella therapeutic.


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