Today in reverse

-wrote the second half of a song

-tried to learn “Anyone Else But You” (Moldy Peaches song from Juno) on guitar, but was too shy to sing in this small apartment where I knew my roommate would be able to hear me.  Don’t worry, this weekend I move to a place big enough that I will sing unabashedly.

-Watched The Bourne Ultimatum, which I just got from Netflix.  It’s the same type of gig as the first movie, if you’re into that.  Good stuff for an action movie.  I wish Doomsday, which I saw a few weeks ago, had learned more lessons from this; Doomsday slowed down too much and I realized all the reasons it was ridiculous while watching it instead of later.

-Tried to fingerpick something out on guitar, but looking for an apartment has kept me too busy to practice, and I can’t play consistently.  More practice!

-Shaved the bear cub off that had been growing on my face for two weeks.

-wrote the first half of a song, but not the one mentioned above

-went to the library, returned Luc Sante’s Lowlife 3 days late and only half-read, checked out The Best of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, and 3 cds of groups that mix old time forms with modern songwriting, and share members: Uncle Earl‘s She Waits For Night, The Duhks‘ Your Daughters & Your Sons,  and Abigail Washburn‘s Song of the Traveling Daughter.

-work.  bleah.


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