I’m Not There

I saw I’m Not There today at the Film Forum, and I do not hesitate to say that it is one of the cinematic events of our time.    It’s all the things that a great film, great song, and all great art, should be: poetic, beautiful, historical, mythic, a journey, chaotic, instructive, and reflective of both past and very current concerns and cultural dialog.  I don’t even think you have to know or care about Dylan to enjoy and appreciate it.  I’ve always liked Todd Haynes for his ideas and for the cinematic conventions he both loves and defies.  All the glimmers and occasional bright bursts of promise in his earlier work are completely realized here.

The only thing that stuck out as remotely wrong were one or two lines delivered falsely, but these were immediately forgotten; any great, far-reaching piece of art must consume vast resources to reach its goal, which is bound to show in a spot or two.  On second thought, in a movie so much about persona and acting and identity, those one or two lines may not even by flaws.

Go see it!


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