lists, because working on my MFA application is overrated

Music recently acquired (that I heart):

PJ Harvey, White Chalk

Bruce Springsteen, Darkness on the Edge of Town

Regina Spektor, 11:11

Levon Helm, Dirt Farmer

Nat King Cole and the King Cole Trio

Books recently read… (and found AWESOME):

-Kelly Link, Stranger Things Happen

Silas House, A Parchment of Leaves (I’m about 50% through, and it’s guh-reat)

John Kessel, Pride and Prometheus (in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction)

(…and found mediocre:)

Erik Larson, Devil in the White City (I found the “Notes and Sources” section thoroughly enjoyable, but the book itself by turns interesting and tedious)

Amy Hempel, Tumble Home: A Novella and Short Stories (I haven’t read the eponymous novelette, but the short stories did not live up to her hype.  Kelly Link kicks this book’s ass.  I’ll have to read other Hempel work to figure out why people worship her, including Chuck Palahnuik)

Links to two amazing Kelly Link stories, because I love you that much.  On the second one, you have to click the real small “next” at the bottom – or better yet, buy the issue of Tin House it’s in.  Hey, subscribe to Tin House – or get me a subscription!

I have nothing to do with them, just trying to get some good lit karma.


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