…and what did you do today?

I went to a 19th-Century style variety show on a steamboat, complete with 9-year-old playing the Calliope.  I read about it on one of the New York blogs I check to see what’s going on.

Hosted by Travis S.D.,  the show started with Paradizo Dance performing an “Acro-balance” act that was fun to watch and had a certain “wow” that only an in-person performance of physical feats can give.  They were serenaded by Sorcha Dorcha, an instrumental Irish quartet.  Then Senior Briatico performed very histrionic Shakespeare, thankfully briefly.  Sorcha Dorcha played a decent set after that.  They were followed by a sort-of-funny but mainly overacted selection from “Ten Nights in a Bar-room.”  The show closed with Howard Fishman playing “Minstrel” songs – I kind of jumped every time they said the term, it made me feel funny.  He’s good though, especially about three songs in when his voice warmed up and could be heard over the banjo.

Definitely go support the Waterfront Museum when you can, it has programs an old man like me can enjoy.  (I’m an old man in spirit, dammit.)


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