Some bands I have known…

…where I met people through school, jobs, living with them, or friends, etc. and discovered they make good music:

Bad Bus

Bird Microphone

Sam Sanco

Magik Markers




Tiny Hairs 

 Derek Erdman (of Beauty Pageant, Future Cobras, Kathy McGinty…)


If I know you and haven’t listed you here, let me know!  I forget things, especially when I’ve been breathing polyurethane  fumes from preparing a guitar neck for 24 hours.

If you’d rather I forget that I know you, well…

Oh! right!  and if anyone knows Jesse Osborne who lived in the Dallas, TX area in the late 90s, I’d like to get back in touch with him.  I was in a band with him called Pop Matrix in 1997.  He’d be about 26 now.  He went to Garland High School.


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