Oh. Oh my. Oh The Infamous Captain EO

I just caught this on a friend’s LJ (he’s in the film industry, and likes to link to obscure things.) My brain almost hemorrhaged when the final credits came on at the end of Pt 2. I thought I had seen all the crazy film projects from this particular person…

…second half:

Once I had recovered motor skills and vision, I began to long for a simpler time, when the fantastical whimsy of one person could cause such weirdness to be made, and filmed. Sure this is clumsy and kinda feels like attending a cult meeting (or perhaps just visiting Neverland Ranch for a night), but it doesn’t remind me of any one other thing.  It feels unique to me, and the world can always use more unique.


4 responses to “Oh. Oh my. Oh The Infamous Captain EO

  1. I loved this video. “We can change the world” Woooo!

  2. I think Agelica Houston was the lady.

  3. I’m pretty sure that I still have, somewhere, a “making of Captain EO” short on VHS that played on network TV long ago…

  4. You obviously must find it!

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