Sherman Alexie on Charlie Rose, 1998

Here’s a good video of Charlie Rose interviewing writer Sherman Alexie around the time of the film Smoke Signals in 1998. From the recently available Charlie Rose video archive.


4 responses to “Sherman Alexie on Charlie Rose, 1998

  1. I’m going to miss Charlie Rose. He interviewed. The viewer learned. The guest was encouraged to answer each question fully without interruption. I’m going to miss Charlie Rose.

  2. Dude, I just watched that a few days ago! Did you read Flight? I have another of Alexie’s books on hold at the library . . . yes!

  3. I haven’t read Flight yet, but it and its rewrite are at the top of my list (his next book is an immediate rewrite of Flight, or so I understand.)

  4. I just finished Sherman Alexie’s novel the Indian Killer, which contained both a very complex and interesting plot. However Alexie interviews and remarks regarding the Native American culture are simple minded and unrealistic. Though Native Americans have undergone many troubles and hardshhips comparing their history to the Holocaust is completely crazy.

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