Out Of Sight

Shortly before leaving Berkeley, I saw the movie Out Of Sight (1998) for the first time. I found it a really fun watch, definitely a practice run for the Ocean’s Eleven series Soderbergh and Clooney went on to do. It’s all slick style and smooth talkers (who, unlike in normal Hollywood pap, do make mistakes) mixed with half-wit fuck-ups and hardass cops. Clooney plays the stylish cad who will sacrifice for his pals and Jennifer Lopez is great as an ass-kicking cop…who maybe is getting bored with a by-the-books life. I also enjoyed Dennis Farina (who is better here than usual) and Ving Rhames, but now I feel like I’m gushing so I’ll stop. If you enjoy feel-good capers that have a hard-to-grasp old school notion, see it.


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