Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Saw and enjoyed the latest Harry Potter film last night. Although it’s dark and has it’s flaws, it’s an enjoyable film and the best besides the Alfonso Cuaróndirected third installment, …Prisoner of Azkaban. The Potter films are shaping up to be above-average overall. You’ll need to bring your imagination to this one, as there are things glossed over or left out so that a large amount of material could be fit in. This isn’t necessarily a flaw, and is done better than in the last installment; I enjoyed piecing together the logic of what they left out, and it wasn’t distracting to me. I haven’t read the book this was based on, so I’m not talking about that necessarily, just things like time passing and the fact that the kids are going to many classes we don’t see even for a moment.
The movie didn’t feel cramped, or slight; if anything, it reminded me of one of the Lord of the Rings films with more riveting intrigue, scarier villains, and characters I’m more interested in. I like the effects used to portray magical combat, although they won’t be to everyone’s taste. The political intrigue was done in shorthand for bits of it but gave the film real relevance to current times and a sense of urgency; the most contemporary horror is the mishandling of institutions of authority, and this film captured that well. Highly recommended.


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